Michele Attias Life Coach

How Coaching Works

“I don’t know more than you but I know how to get more for you. Just tell me what more is.”

The First Step

We start by discussing what “more” is. It’s a list that evolves during our time together and is then distilled down to the essence of a more fulfilling life or business.

1 Hour A Week

It’s easier than going to the gym and more fulfilling too!

We’ll meet first but then after that 1 hour a week together is all we need and usually via Skype.

You’ll need to do a little prep too. Keep a short journal of your week and your thoughts of the day. Email them to me before we meet – it’ll help inform and guide our conversation.

12 sessions (3 months) is normally enough to understand what more is; to work on some exercises and techniques that will help you achieve these goals and to make the changes that will let you:

  • Live more in the present.
  • Become noticeably less anxious.
  • Be happier.
  • Live effortlessly.
  • Be more productive and more creative.

Click here and let’s get a date in the diary discuss what more you’d like from your life.