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The following Videos and Podcasts showcase some of my work and cover a range of topics about Stress, Overthinking, Creativity, Wellbeing and Developing a Growth Mindset. If you’re interested to explore how Coaching could benefit your life, please feel free to contact me.

Coaching Videos

Sky TV Channel TRT World

Invited to David Fosters Current Affairs Programme 'Roundtable'
From career advice to managing our homes -- we seem to be hiring a life coach for everything these days. Surely it's time to 'just get on with it' or can life coaching really change your life?


Strong Leadership Starts With Your Mindset

Conference in Copenhagen for Horton International - Global Headhunters
Leadership talk I gave where I focus on how making a difference can become your leadership stance and reflecting on the mindset that is creating your leadership.



Develop A Growth Mindset

Speaking Event in Gibraltar at the Literary Festival.
I speak about my change in direction, leaving behind all the material attachment that wouldn’t be stuffed in the proverbial emotional cabin baggage. Developing a growth mindset by looking ahead to the infinite possibilities and potential within, to create a life and business that aligns with who I am.


Pursue What you Want Effortlessly

Speaking at Red Bull 'Can Do' Sessions, in collaboration with Circle Community. 
Ever find yourself in a rut, flirting with the possibility of stepping out and creating something different? 
In this talk I will offer a fresh injection of motivation, inspiration, perspective and encouragement to pursue what it is you really want. In this interactive talk, you’ll learn how to: Overcome the blocks that are holding you back. Develop an understanding of what motivates you. Become more committed to your own values, priorities, and tap into the source of your resilience.


Create Goals and Intentions

Inspire'd Stage in London, Mayfair
I speak about living an intentional life, creating goals by seeing where you want to go and finding creative ways that can take you there. Living a live by design versus by default.



Stop Overthinking and Start Doing

General Assembly Talk in London, Google Campus.
I speak about how we often overthink things rather than taking action. We generally have one opportunity to deal with an issue, yet we procrastinate and wait for that perfect moment. In this talk, I confront these issues and also ask the audience to engage with some excersizes.


Being Self Motivated

Big Breakfast Event in London, Enfield. 
I spoke about how to become more self-motivated, which is a more effortless way of creating what you want. I share 4 basic yet powerful questions for the audience to ask themselves as a way of unlocking their self-motivation.



My Podcast Interviews

The Coaching life Podcast

The Coaching Life Podcast


Topics include:

The Power of Connecting

Having come across a philosophy which was life transforming and impactful made it impossible to continue working in my well-established therapy work. As a result of this, I built a 
successful coaching practice by connecting, not taking things too seriously, and by relentlessly being of service.

Your London Legacy Podcast


Topics include:

The Power of Possibility

Fear is always powered by thought. The thoughts don’t come out of a vacuum—they’re always powered from a conscious effort within.
Attaching to fearful thoughts will paralyze you—imagine if fear was a friend, an annoying neighbour you converse with. This takes some of the power away from those feelings.
“Sometimes we need to get over ourselves. Sometimes when the love we have for what we’re about to create is bigger than the fear we have of what will happen if things don’t work out—we’re just going to set out and do it. Because love and fear cannot sit in the same space.”

Urban Spirituality Podcast


Topics include:

The value of “putting perfection on hold”

•         Why you should just create what comes rather than what you THINK you SHOULD be creating
•         Stop focusing on impressing, start focusing on EXPRESSING…
•         Tips for detecting a mental or anxiety disorder
•         The 1 hour rule - creating what you want using just one hour a day without the procrastination
•         The limitations of positive thinking and how you can cut the spiral of negative thinking
•         The danger of over personalising events and emotions!
•         The magic that happens when you get out of your own way and stop seeking perfection!
•         Changing our thinking from “I’ll be happy when…..” to “I am happy because….”
•         Seeking completeness and holistic outcomes vs perfection
•         On how to seize the day, rather than the day seize you
•         Using chunking to empower your daily progress
•         The importance of examining the language you use on yourself

The Rhetorical Podcast


Topics Include:

•         Inner Work
•         Who can you become?
•         Stop chasing, slow down
•         Mindset
•         Let go of the past
•         Limiting Beliefs
•         What is Fear?

The Executive Juice Podcast


Topics include:

• What coaching gives that psychotherapy can’t
• What I learned from my personal challenges
• How to build meaningful relationships with clients and the rest of your business
• Daily habits that keep Michele present and engaged in life.

USA Radio


Appeared on the Matt Townsend show talking about 'Lack versus abundance mindset'

Topics include:
Transitioning from fear to abundance mindset and having a more positive outlook, recognising that you have options in the face of adversity, and being able to overcome self-doubt.


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