Michele Attias Life Coach

About You

You might have found outer world success, but can't find the inner peace, happiness and satisfaction that should go along with it. You might have even reached the pinnacle of your professional career or personal life, and people have high expectations of you, but underneath the perfect looking veneer, you find you’re walking the line at times between sanity and overload. 

You're overthinking overwhelms and paralyses your ability to make decisions; you often function in a stressed, anxious and overwhelmed mode which stops you from being present in all your endeavours and performing at your best. This impacts your energy and performance levels, leading to poor time management, lack of concentration and focus, decreased productivity and leadership capability.

You want to strike a healthy balance between your personal and professional life, but don't know-how. Your inability to create boundaries between your home and work life prevents you from nurturing creative endeavours and escaping the daily grind. 

If this sounds familiar, I specialise in helping you decrease stress, eliminate burnout, reduce overwhelm, minimise anxiety, optimise productivity and focus;  You even start to enjoy life more!

If you want to know if coaching is the right route for you complete the contact form to request a coaching call. There is no charge for this and is a great way for me to get to know you, and for you to see if I'm the right person to help you.

Coaching programmes start from only 6 weeks and even in this short space of time, can be absolutely transformative. I recognise that my clients have busy lives, so I ensure that my programmes are short-term, impactful, and ensure long-term results

They are tailored to each client, as I was inspired by my father who was a tailor for over 50 years. Even today, I'm told about the incredible way he created his suits, tailor-made to a client's requirements - Those who wore his garments never forgot him, the elegant suits or his service. I share his passion for total customisation and quality. I provide tailor made coaching simply because people are individuals, one size does not fit all. 

My goal is not to work with my clients for a long period of time, many of my clients work with me for 6-12 weeks and see such profound results we often end our partnership there. Their view of the world is transformed and they are equipped to power through their goals and challenges. It’s short-term and impactful. 

If you're asking yourself what is the difference between coaching and therapy, it's a great question, and it's important you understand the difference. Therapy is about figuring out the past, Coaching is about identifying where you are right now, and where you would like to be moving forward. You might see a therapist for years racking up endless bills, but that’s not how my coaching works. This is not a friendship, this is a powerful, problem solving and action-oriented relationship.  

My clients have made changes in the following ways:

  • A banker who wanted to buy a new property but felt paralysed by anxiety before even entering an estate agent - by managing the overwhelm he felt, within 6 weeks he had exchanged on his first property.
  • A severely stressed successful CEO Entrepreneur who was getting heart palpitations and was simply not enjoying his business, it was getting in the way of his personal life. Within a short space of time, his health improved, he began to slow down, yet still take purposeful action. He became more present, as a result of this, it lead to more creativity and projects he was excited to start working on.
  • A middle-aged professional woman who was unhappy with her job but feared to enter the world of self-employment, she was uncomfortable with uncertainty and change and how this would impact her confidence. Within a few months, we worked on her confidence and she left her job and set up a yoga practice.
  • A manager in a large company managing a team who was constantly reactive to others, he also felt in a low mood, at times depressed and disconnected from others. In a short space of time, joy became his default setting, he also went from reacting to his work team, to creating new conversations and relationships with them and this led to opportunities further afield.
  • A journalist who wanted to write more powerful stories but felt her fear and self-doubt was holding her back. Within a short space of time, she began to get clarity on the type of stories she felt passionate to write about and expanded her writing voice, leading to more contracts from publications and tv networks.

If you would like to request a coaching call, please complete the contact form