Michele Attias Life Coach

About You

Is this the life you imagined?

If you could have more of anything, what would it be?

More time? With your family; doing the things you love; growing your business; nurturing your team; making your ideas come to life.

More satisfaction? At home, with your family, or at work.

More wealth? Expanding your wealth and prosperity mindset.

I specialise in expanding limitations, encouraging clients to become productive, focused, present and energised. Those in business or sales can enjoy a more profitable way of engaging in their business, with an intense focus on client building and creation.

The coaching process makes clients happier, calmer, more creative and better decision makers.

My aim is not to change my clients, but to make them more of who they are.
I coach a diverse range of corporate clients, lawyers, journalists, bankers, entrepreneurs, writers, managers, business owners, coaches and leaders. 

Our work together has brought more clarity, focus and more joy.

Most clients are extremely busy and over-committed both at work and at home. Don’t worry: coaching will help free you from this, not add to it.

We only need 1 hour a week to improve your work, life balance.

For some, the coaching experience is a chance to re-calibrate and focus on what’s important rather than just what’s urgent.

For others it’s transformative: a deeper, paradigm shifting, creative juices flowing, confidence building, energy-boosting experience that lasts forever.

I’d love to do the same for you.

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